Phylogeny Triptych

Acrylic on Canvas 2018 – 46” H x 120”W x 2”D In conjunction with my collagraph prints and the sculpture installations, my latest works in 2018 are a variation on the theme expanded onto canvas. The paintings are large and I intend to increase the scale to create a more grandiose panoramic view of landscapes … More Phylogeny Triptych

Redacting the Skyline

Sponsored by The Seattle Office of Arts and Culture. Seattle’s rapid growth and the impact of the construction of buildings are common conversation topics amongst local residents, so I felt it was important to create an artwork that connects with this discussion. There will always be changes as cities grow, but at the same time, … More Redacting the Skyline

Redacting Paradise

Redacting Paradise –Diamond Head, 2009, magazine image + wite-out tape, 8”H x 8”W”x1”. I started my “Redacting” series in Hawaii as a commentary to the ever disappearing vista of the shoreline due to the increase of the construction of high rises. More importantly, my underlying concern is how much development impacts the environment and natural … More Redacting Paradise